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For Businesses and Events

Audiovisual equipment covers a whole range of products. It is mainly utilized for public speaking events, such as awards ceremonies or large scale conferences. Businesses need to think carefully about what technology they require for their event to be a success.

Audio Equipment

The most important piece of audio equipment is the PA system, which may need to be hired if the venue doesn't have its own. As a minimum, it is recommended to have amplifiers, microphones, mixers and speakers. The choice of microphone depends on the preferences of the speakers, as some may wish to be hands-free. Induction loop systems may also be necessary for guests who are hard of hearing.

Visual Equipment

When it comes to visual equipment, it is suggested to have a projector and a screen. Ideally, the projector should have a laptop connection to be able to transmit the images to the screen. The size of the screen is an important consideration, and the number of attendees should be taken into account. If the screen is too small, those seated at the back of the room won't be able to see it.

Award ceremonies are often followed by a musical function, such as a disco. In that case, DJ audiovisual equipment will also be required. Whether it is a conference or a ceremony, the choice of equipment will be dictated by the event, the size of the venue and the number of guests.

That is unless you're taking your event online. In which case you have to think carefully about cameras and sound, together with the right interface for a better user experience, not unlike a live casino one.

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